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Month: May 2021

“Food & Nutrition Play A Vital Role In The Recovery Of Covid-19 Patients.

“Food & Nutrition play a vital role in the recovery of Covid-19 patients.

Covid-19 not just weakens the immunity but also slows down the recovery from the disease. Therefore, consuming a nutritious diet is essential for speedy and complete recovery.

As a nutrition expert, I recommend the below tips that Covid-19 patients could consider for faster recovery –

– Hydrating your body regularly is essential. In cases of fever and cough, tea with honey is beneficial. Fresh fruit juices could also be included to aid recovery.

– A nutritious diet rich in proteins and vitamins – A, C, D, E, and Zinc can help in boosting the immune system and help fighting infection.

“Food & Nutrition Play A Vital Role In The Recovery Of Covid-19 Patients.”

– Stop intake of alcohol, as it dehydrates the body and also inhibits the immune system. Also, avoid tough-to-digest foods and spicy foods in cases of a sore throat.

– Turmeric milk is the best option to boost the immune system and should be taken once a day. Five servings of fruits and vegetables are a must to get adequate vitamins and minerals.

– Healthy snacking of Nuts and Dark chocolate is also recommended to uplift your mood and help you to get rid of anxiety.”

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My Life.. My Rhythm…

This video is quite popular from last few days..

This is sweet Lily at her Preschool graduation, in Lebanon, Ohio! The little ball of fire is a bashful dancing star. In The other picture lily is with her Mom. I have watched the dance video over and over again, and laughed every time I watched. This is the kind of medicine humanity is at larger need right now.

If you listen she is following the direction of lyrics and rhythm in the song with full enthusiasm. This is the way everyone should be, just like this!! If anyone tries to shush you when you are experiencing joy such as she is, don’t let them suck the joy out of you. Stay strong and show them what “living” is.. Not a robotic properness!

Highlighting The Most Dangerous Side Effects Of Wheat In Gluten-Free Era

EQUALLY I feel compassion for the little girl on right, frozen with fear, covering her eyes, finding the whole thing very traumatic, trying to make the moment just go away. They are at two extremely ends of personality spectrum. She is shy and withdrawn and hurting inside with performance anxiety. I just want to go there and give her a big hug. I feel her pain. One of them is enjoying it and other isn’t…that doesn’t make either child inferior!! Rather the dancing star is taking the attention off the little girl who is scared. Why do we always notice and give attention to the “bright lights”? How can we help the hesitant ones find and turn on the special light they have inside them?

Then There’s one boy at the back with arms folded, too cool about what’s happening, isn’t moving at all and has an individuality too.

Then there’s a girl at the back with the rainbow 3D headband having the same chutzpah! She is so happy to see the girl dancing and is totally enjoying looking at her thinking “girl what are you doing”

How many of us can just be ourselves and not care about what others are thinking.. like the four precious, cute and Catchy characters giving us the life lessons above?

I am like the giggling girl behind..


Indian Blackberry (Jamun) & It’s Innumerable Health Benefits

So this highly nutritious and refreshing Summer fruit, Indian blackberry(Jamun) is here

This juicy fruit holds a great significance in Indian Ayurveda  for treating various conditions related to heart, arthritis, asthma, stomach pain, bowel spasm and dysentery.

It has other innumerable health benefits

High alkaloid content in it Treats #diabetes

It’s diuretic effects flushes toxins out of the kidneys

Improves haemoglobin as it’s packed with vitamin C, iron, magnesium, potassium and few phytochemicals

It has astringent properties hence It Improves health of skin and eyes

Keeps your heart healthy by keeping diseases like high blood pressure, heart diseases and stroke at bay.

Strengthens gums and teeth

Indian Blackberry (Jamun) & It’s Innumerable Health Benefits

For its antibacterial properties it Prevents common infection.

Make sure you enjoy all these benefits this season

For more health benefits Visit https://riteeat.com

#diabeticfriendly #skinhealth #riteeat #preventionisbetterthancure

Any jamun lovers here?



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