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5 Ways To Fight Lifestyle Disorders In 2021 With A Healthier Diet

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Lifestyle disorders unfortunately are a lot more common in our society today than they should be and are working their way into almost every household. Cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, hypertension are the most frequently observed lifestyle disorders today. These disorders are mainly related to diet – consuming unhealthy, processed or junk food in an uncontrolled manner. Improper diets are depriving people of vital nutrients and vitamins and leading to a weakened immune system, thereby attracting all kinds of ailments.

Today’s fast-paced world is making unhealthy diets that are energy-dense but nutrient-poor, more and more common. This means that people are consuming calories more than the vital minerals and vitamins that their body needs. Also, growing stress levels are leading to overconsumption of harmful comfort foods as well as alcohol.

These factors have highlighted the importance of eating healthy right from a young age for proper growth and development. Healthy eating ensures that we sleep well, have more energy and better concentration. Consuming wheat-free flours, turmeric latte, whole grains can protect you from various lifestyle disorders and help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Hectic Work-schedule Depriving People of a Healthy Lifestyle

One of the biggest reasons for lifestyle disorders is the busy work schedules of individuals coupled with unhealthy consumption of food. The new workplace realities have made the world even more competitive and has led people to work twice as hard with hardly any time for themselves. This has left them with very less time to focus on their health.



By the time their work is over they are completely drained and their general tendency is to go home, eat anything that’s available easily, go to sleep and repeat the next day. A high percentage of the working class have desk jobs thus greatly limiting their physical activity as well.

This sedentary and tense lifestyle can take a toll on the health of an individual by contributing to obesity, hypertension or even heart diseases. An increased intake of healthier foods can be a great remedy to these problems as it can help you alleviate the negative impacts of a stressful, hectic work life effectively.

5 Ways To Fight Lifestyle Disorders In 2021 With A Healthier Diet


1. Replace Unhealthy ‘Hunger-Busters’ with Healthy Foods

Unhealthy eating habits have become quite widespread. Following an inactive and stressful routine, people tend to not take what they eat seriously. There are usually two ways a person can view food – it is either as an edible item to refuel their energy or as a stress buster.

A lot of people look for speedy fixes that kill both – their stress and hunger and give them energy to move on with work. Unfortunately, a high percentage of foods that fall into this category are mainly junk food.  Also identified as ‘comfort food’, these food items are usually high in fat, sugar and salt content and can lead to several lifestyle disorders.

Chocolates, ice-creams, chips, cheese, cakes, rice all are known to increase serotonin levels in our body. Whilst satiating hunger, these food items do not completely fulfill the body’s nutrient requirements. Hence, it is essential for you to eliminate these unhealthy foods completely from your diet and resort to more healthy and nutritious foods.

2. Incorporate a Healthy Diet for Prolonged Energy and Lifespan

There is no truer statement than ‘we are what we eat.’ While we may not be able to drastically change our lifestyle, we can surely control what we eat. The right kind of diet helps the body build a powerful immune system that can effectively fight conditions such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart diseases among many others.

With this year’s pandemic and its ongoing effects, it shows how important it is to have a clean diet and fuel the body with the correct kind of nutrition. The diet quality also plays a significant role in the mental health of a person helping balance out moods and curb cravings.

With the right kind of diet, it is often observed that an individual has a lot more energy, sleeps better, and has a higher metabolism. A healthy diet also helps in balancing hormones and enables individuals to stay more focused. This, in turn, helps them be more productive for longer hours with better physical and mental health.

3. Strengthen Your Immune System with Whole Grain Consumption

Indians need not look to the west to make dietary choices. There are ample grains grown locally that serve as wonderful substitutes to rice and wheat which can be used to make daily meals and snacks. Consuming whole grains can help in reducing the risks of heart diseases by ensuring a healthy immune system.

Whole grains are a key component of any nutritious diet. Unlike refined grains, whole grains are not stripped of vital nutrients and hence offer an improved digestive system, better weight management, among many other benefits. Make the most of these health benefits by adding whole grains to your diet and replacing its refined counterparts.

4. Replace Wheat Flour with Nutritious Alternatives for a Healthy Lifestyle

Most of the gastrointestinal problems and obesity issues are directly related to the consumption of wheat. High-wheat based diets can cause reduction in the absorption of minerals as well as a high rise in blood sugar, leading to critical health complications.

Wheat-free flours provide tremendous health benefits by helping you optimize your weight-loss efforts with an improved digestive function. With increased energy, improved bowel function, and better mental function, the addition of wheat-free flours to your diet can lead to considerable health improvements and help you stay away from a number of diseases.

5. Golden Milk: Prevent Critical Ailments with Increased Turmeric Intake 

Turmeric, along with its active ingredient Curcumin, offer a host of health benefits  with their potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Regular consumption of turmeric milk also reduces the risks of severe diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

Drinking a glass of turmeric milk daily can be highly beneficial for digestion, detoxification and may also help in fighting depression. Increase the intake of turmeric by consuming turmeric milk every day and effectively combat a number of ailments with zero side-effects.

Maintaining a proper diet and discarding all harmful foods can assist you in leading a quality, healthy life. Rite Eats provides a range of products that can help you in adopting a healthy diet and staying away from all lifestyle disorders. Start your journey of living a healthier and disease-free lifestyle with Rite Eats.


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