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Food Dietary Supplements: Is it Healthy?

Are you consuming tablets, capsules or powders as food dietary supplements or nutritional food supplements?

Whether in pill, powder or liquid form, the goal of dietary supplements is often the same — to supplement your diet to enhance health. Popular supplements include vitamins D and B12; minerals like calcium and iron.

But truth be told, supplements aren’t always safe! Such nutrition products are comparatively expensive and might not meet specific body concerns.

Supplements may profess risks if you have certain medical conditions, such as liver-problem, or if you are going to have surgery. Some of the dietary products also haven’t been tested in pregnant women, feeding mothers or children. 

No matter your objective of taking health supplement products, one thing is certain — they aren’t a replacement for a nutrient-dense, healthy diet!

So, you might want to re-visit your eating habits instead.

What if I told you that switching your staple food could fulfil your nutritional need while meeting your body/ health concern. How simple would maintaining health & wellness be!

Rite Eat is a health-conscious range of food items designed keeping nutritional needs in mind. A carefully tailored multigrain flour range that is intended to the Indian body requirements and common health issues. How?

Check the range of multigrain atta ingredients, its nutritional value and health benefits:

  1. Children’s growth flour
  2. Cholesterol and Heart health flour
  3. Diabetes control Flour
  4. Immunity boosting flour
  5. Raw banana flour
  6. Skin and Hair flour
  7. Multigrain flour for weight loss

Nutritional Ingredients:

Kodo millet, Defatted Soya Flakes, Toasted Oats, Buckwheat, Amaranth, Barley, Sorghum, Puffed Bengal Gram, Raw Banana Extract, Flax Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Chia Seeds, Arjuna Bark, Dil Seeds, Guar

Nutritional Value and Health Benefits:

1. Kodo Millet – 

Kodo millet is rich in vitamin B and minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and zinc. It contains a high amount of lecithin and is excellent for strengthening the nervous system.

Regular consumption of Kodo Millet is beneficial for cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.

2. Defatted Soya Flakes –

Defatted Soya Flakes contains high-quality protein & is an excellent source of Iron, Calcium and Vitamin-B. 

Soy Flakes are basically the derivatives of de-oiled soybeans. They are Cholesterol free, highly digestible and low in fat grains which helps you stay fit while proving the right nutrients.

3. Oats –

Oats are gluten-free whole grain and a great source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. It is considered as the healthiest grains on earth while the key health benefit includes weight loss, lower blood sugar levels and a reduced risk of heart disease.

4. Buckwheat – 

Considered a superfood, Buckwheat mainly consists of healthy carbs. It also boosts protein, fiber, and energy. Buckwheat may improve heart health, promote weight loss, and help manage diabetes.

5. Amaranth –

Amaranth is a gluten-free grain that provides plenty of fiber, protein and micronutrients. The health benefit includes reduced inflammation, lower cholesterol levels and increased weight loss. It is also good for hair and skin.

6. Barley –

Barley contains many important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 

What’s more, it’s a good source of beta-glucan, a fiber that may help lower cholesterol and blood sugar. Barley is most commonly used for heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer prevention, and other conditions.

7. Sorghum –

Sorghum is known to be rich in phenolic compounds, many of which act as antioxidants and has been linked to anti-cancer effects.

8. Bengal gram –

Bengal gram has a good amount of iron, sodium, selenium and a small amount of copper, zinc and manganese. They are a rich source of protein.

Bengal grams is good for diabetic patients. They help cure digestive problems. Rich in iron, it is highly beneficial for iron deficiency – anaemia.

9. Raw banana extract –

Not many are aware of it, but Banana peels are packed with antioxidants that fight cancer-causing free radicals in your body. The extract not only power antioxidants, but it also supports heart health and aid in weight loss.

10. Flaxseed –

Flaxseed has a high content of heart-healthy omega-3 fats, fiber, and other unique plant compounds. 

Although commonly used to improve digestive health or relieve constipation, flaxseed has other benefits too. It helps lower total blood cholesterol which may help reduce the risk of heart disease. It is also good for hair and skin.

11. Pumpkin Seed –

Pumpkin seeds contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamin B12 and fiber. This combination has benefits for both the heart and liver. The fiber in pumpkin seeds helps lower the total amount of cholesterol in the blood and decrease the risk of heart disease. Seeds rich in omega-3 are also good for hair and skin.

12. Chia seeds –

Chia seeds are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants, iron, and calcium. 

Chia seeds may help control blood sugar, improve cardiovascular disease risk and helps maintain good glucose and lipid control.

13. Dil seeds –

Rich in antioxidants and a good source of vitamin C, magnesium, and vitamin A, dill may have several benefits for health, including protection against heart disease and cancer.

14. Gaur – 

Gaur is a very good source of Dietary Fiber and Potassium. It is low in calories and used for treating diarrhoea, IBS, obesity, and diabetes; for reducing cholesterol; and for preventing “hardening of the arteries”

15. Arjuna bark –

Arjuna also known as the “Arjun tree” is a widely grown tree in India. It has various medicinal properties like antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial.

Arjuna bark powder protects the heart due to its cardioprotective property. It helps in the proper functioning of the heart by strengthening the heart muscles. It also has an anti-hypertensive property that helps reduce the levels of high blood pressure.

Even if you consume the most tested and trusted supplement from the best supplement store online, it might plug dietary gaps, temporarily. But nutrients from food are the most important! 

The food you eat is loaded with nutrients necessary for good health, such as magnesium, calcium, and vitamins A and C. Honestly, it is easy said than done! Counting calories and nutrition on a daily basis is undoubtedly difficult considering how busy our lives are.

Therefore, Rite Eat flour range is the best health alternative, easy to add to the daily diet and fulfils nutrition needs while meeting health concerns. Ranging from Diabetes atta, cholesterol atta to weight loss atta.

But what’s more? When you get bored of chapati and want to eat a variety while not compromising health ﹘ Check ‘Tempting Variety? Healthy Multigrain Atta Recipies To Fill Your Heart.’



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