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Tempting Variety? Multigrain Flour For Multi-Cuisines

From breakfast to a two-hour meal and tea-time snack, you consume a variety of food on a daily basis, ranging from bread to roti, cereals to cookies. However, how do you ensure that you are consuming higher nutritional value in your diet?

Well! By including quality assured multigrain flour, you can! 

As the name suggests, Multigrain Atta composition is a mix of several grains, seeds and other nutrients like oats, millets, flaxseed, soy, and more. For the same reason, it is titled Fiber-rich and wholegrain food.

Due to the presence of a healthy amount of dietary fibres, multigrain atta grants higher satiety levels, which ultimately helps in weight loss or management.

Now that we know, multigrain flour has a high nutritional value. Does it mean we should eat chapati every day?

Yes, flour certainly is a staple ingredient in most Indian cuisines. When you think of pooris, chapatis or parathas, flour emerges as the common thread that ties these food items together. But this is not it!

The possibilities for multigrain atta are endless: Multigrain cookies, multigrain cake, dry-fruit laddu, homemade bread, multigrain nachos, tacos, crackers, pasta, spaghetti, muffins, puffs, dosa and more. Several multigrain flour recipes are available on the web, or you can follow this link – https://riteeat.com/category/recipe/” 

Why choose Rite Eat Flour?

If you are looking for a Multigrain atta recipe, I am sure you are aware of the benefits and wholeness of multigrain flour. However, do we all need the same nutrition value?

Although we are all made of flesh, bone, blood, yet everybody requirement is different from others be it a growing child, a pregnant woman, a cholesterol patient or a fitness concerned. We all need nutrition in different values to meet body deficiency and requirements.

Rite eat understands the concern and provide a tailor-made range of flour in collaboration with dietician and nutritionist expert. Hence, it is ranked one of the best multigrain atta in India. Now make healthy even healthier with Rite eat flour range that consists of –

  1. Children’s growth
  2. Cholesterol Flour for Cholesterol and Heart health
  3. Diabetes Flour for Diabetes Control
  4. Immunity boosting
  5. Hair and Skin
  6. Slimming and Weight loss
  7. Raw Banana flour

Enjoy the multigrain flour recipes and keep your health in check while satisfying your taste bud. With Rite Eat supplements online stores, you can also buy preservatives free seasoning and bring flavour to your food. Try now! Happy Eating!



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