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Indian Blackberry (Jamun) & It’s Innumerable Health Benefits

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So this highly nutritious and refreshing Summer fruit, Indian blackberry(Jamun) is here

This juicy fruit holds a great significance in Indian Ayurveda  for treating various conditions related to heart, arthritis, asthma, stomach pain, bowel spasm and dysentery.

It has other innumerable health benefits

High alkaloid content in it Treats #diabetes

It’s diuretic effects flushes toxins out of the kidneys

Improves haemoglobin as it’s packed with vitamin C, iron, magnesium, potassium and few phytochemicals

It has astringent properties hence It Improves health of skin and eyes

Keeps your heart healthy by keeping diseases like high blood pressure, heart diseases and stroke at bay.

Strengthens gums and teeth

Indian Blackberry (Jamun) & It’s Innumerable Health Benefits

For its antibacterial properties it Prevents common infection.

Make sure you enjoy all these benefits this season

For more health benefits Visit https://riteeat.com

#diabeticfriendly #skinhealth #riteeat #preventionisbetterthancure

Any jamun lovers here?

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