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Our Story

RiteEat Story's

About the Brand

Rite Eat.

Eat healthy! Be Healthy!

To look good and be fit is everyone’s priority. Consumers are becoming more mindful of their dietary habits, which has consequently complicated the term ‘dieting’ for us. Over the years, staple food has become less healthy and nutritious due to processing and consumption. Rite Eats products help you to stay healthy and fit by providing you with the nutrition you require for all-day work.

Modern lifestyle has increased the prevalence of lifestyle disease. Just like clothes, one size doesn’t fit all in the same way intake of certain types of nutrients and specific food groups positively influence our health. Each Individual requires a specific diet – a diet is healthy when it encourages good health and reduces the risk of diet-related chronic diseases.

Rite Eat offerings are tailor-made to cater to all individual needs. These are developed by the best nutritionists to ensure that what you eat is right. All products are not just healthier alternatives of higher plant-based nutrition but also tastefully targeted and also provide specific health care requirements such as diabetes control, body growth, pregnancy, and skin & hair care. This dietary pattern not only reduces the risk of diseases but also helps in the overall development of the body.

About the Founders


Small Changes – Better Impact

Yash Gaikwad an entrepreneur graduated with honours, with a keen eye for numbers and markets, extremely passionate about Financial Analysis. He pursued a double concentration in Finance and Economics and pro athlete.

Yash has vast experience in financial analysis and is successfully managing all of Rite Eat’s financial functions. With certifications in financial markets and investment foundations, he has got apt expertise in strengthening Rite Eat’s financial position.

With an impressive portfolio at such a young age, Yash proved that “anything beats nothing” is set to play a key role in effectively boosting the growth prospects of Rite Eats.

Vandana Gaikwad

– Reform, Remodel, Revolutionise

Vandana Gaikwad is a passionate nutritionist, health & wellness enthusiast, and now a zealous industrialist. She has been certified by global, prestigious institutions.

Her certifications in topics such as Health Fundamentals, Child Nutrition and Cooking, Plant-based Nutrition, and Nutrition Lifestyle in Pregnancy have enabled her to come up with innovative healthful ingredients for Rite Eats.

Her bold business moves and extreme knowledge in the health and diet industry are the key foundation to the discovery of unique health-benefiting ingredients.

About The Parent Company

Mother Company – YASH GROUPS

Yash Groups is a leading certified manufacturer, supplier and exporter of a vast assemblage of dehydrated vegetable powder and flakes in India. The company is a pioneer in the genre of manufacturing dehydrated vegetables and spices. Yash Groups is a vendor for esteemed companies such as ITC, IndoNissin, Marico, Everest, Badshah, Inbisco, Fun & Food, Rum Pum, Taj Hotels, and Wai Wai. Our commitment to maintaining honesty and integrity in business makes us a trailblazer in the industry. At Yash Groups with world-class manufacturing facilities, we not only manufacture products of global standards but also offer tailored services to our customers, like private labelling and customised packing

Why Us

Make healthier and essential alternatives of higher plant-based products for your good health

Lakadong – The Wonder Spice and No-wheat Flours

Rite Eat was born of the idea of making ‘healthy eating’ simpler by adding ingredients to an everyday diet. Innovative ingredients discovered by Rite Eat can drastically make traditional Indian diets healthier, Rite Eats products are developed by the best nutritionists to ensure that what you eat is right. Rite Eat’s no-wheat flours and Lakadong turmeric with the highest curcumin content are the magic immunity boosters for your diet and revitalize your health with minimum effort.

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